KB0100 – Linking to Clickview Videos In Moodle

What’s this for?
Previously, when putting a clickview video in a moodle course you would create a webpage to open the video in the course itself.  Now with devices other then just PCs (mobile devices, iPads, etc…), the best way to include a video in your moodle course is to link to the ‘Clickview Online’ video.  This article shows you how.

1. Sign into Clickview online and find the video you’re wanting to link to.

2. When you have found the video you want to link to, click on the paper clip Link icon.

3. Right-click on the link and select Copy

4. To add the link to your Moodle course, follow the instructions in KB0030 – Creating a link to a website in Moodle starting at Step 3.

Important – for this to work on iPads, the student will first need to download the Clickview app.