KB0105 – Accessing ClickView Live

What’s this for?
These instructions will show you how you can access the ClickView Live service for showing live free-to-air TV or DVD/VHS that are unable to be imported into the regular ClickView Library due to copyright restrictions.

1. Launch ClickView Live from the Applications window or by going to http://live.danebank.nsw.edu.au in Internet Explorer

2. Click on the appropriate stream that has been prepared for your lesson. In this example it is Combo 1 for a Year 11 class.

2. Click on the IR button in the bottom right hand corner to access the remote control. Then enter the password given to you by the Library Staff.

3. You may be prompted to restart the stream, click Yes if this message appears.

4. You can now use the remote control to play, pause, fast forward, or rewind the video. You will need to use the small preview window in the bottom left hand window when finding the place you are up to because the main window is delayed by a few seconds.

5. When you are finished with the remote control, you can close it by clicking on the IR button again. To make the video play in full screen, click the arrow button in the far bottom right corner.

6. Press ESC to exit full screen mode.