KB0107 – Accessing ClickView from your iPad

What is this for ?
Danebank ClickView videos can be accessed on iPads through Clickview Online, using the Clickview iPad app.

Note: You’ll need to have downloaded the ‘ClickView’ app from the app store to complete this help article.  You will also need your Danebank username and password to sign in.

1. Open the ClickView app on your iPad. If you do have it installed, follow this link to download it for free: ClickView for iPad. The icon looks like this…


2. Type your email address into the top box, then choose “Danebank Anglican School for Girls” .


3. You will be prompted to sign in again, but this time sign in with your username and password, the one you use to sign into your computer or the WiFi. Tap “Sign in”, then wait for it to sign you in.


4. Either touch the folders on the left to browse to your desired video or when the menu is closed, touch the magnifying glass at the top right of the page to search for your video.