KB0112 – Checking SPAM for emails.

What’s this for?
If an email you were expecting hasn’t arrived there is a possibility the SPAM filter┬ámistakenly marked it as SPAM. These instructions will show you how to see those emails and release them so they arrive to your inbox.

Open the “Applications” Folder on your desktop.

Click on the “Staff” folder on the left and then double click on the “Check my SPAM” icon on the right.

A login will come up. Put in you school username and password and click “Login”

Click on “Quarantine”

Look through the list and find the email that you need. Place a tick on the left box. You can select more than one.

Please note there could be multiple pages so use the “Next” button to go to the next page.

Click on the “Release” button

The email will arrive to your inbox shortly.