KB0118 – Connecting your personal Mac to H/S drives whilst at school

This tutorial shows you how to connect a Mac from home to your H and S drives whilst you are connected to the school’s wi-fi.

Please not that when they are connected, you cannot open and edit files directly from these drives, they need to be copied to your desktop for editing and then copied back to their original location.

1. Click on the icon for the ‘WinLogon’ Application (from your applications folder or wherever you have this program, which can be obtained from the IT staff). This needs to be run once every time you turn on your computer at school (when you restart or leave the school you will be disconnected).

2. Enter the password for your personal computer (the one you use to log into your mac). Click ‘OK’.

3. Enter your danebank username and click ‘OK’.

4. Enter your danebank password then click ‘OK’.

5. If there are any problems you will receive an appropriate error message and should contact IT support. Otherwise, you should get 2 icons appear as below on your desktop. The staff icon points to the windows S drive, and the other icon should have your username below it and links to your windows H drive.