Guide for the Danebank Parent Portal

This guide will give you illustrated steps for how to use the Danebank Parent Portal to retrieve lost passwords, update your personal details as well as your child(ren)’s, access school forms, notes and documents, monitor your child(ren)’s academic progress,manage their school attendance, view debtor transactions and pay school fees and charges.

Steps to use the Danebank Parent Portal:

If you are using Internet Explorer or Edge to browse the internet and access the Portal and are experiencing problems please use Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari instead.

How to Log in

1. Enter the iDanenet address into your browser or click on this link:

2. Click on the Edumate icon to open the Edumate Login Page.

3. Enter your username and password and click Login.

Click on “Can’t login” if you’ve lost or forgotten your password.


The Dashboard / Home

The first page you will see is the Portal dashboard, containing the link to this document as well as a brief overview of upcoming events and alerts. Clicking on the Carer Portal tab will take you to your daughter’s profile(s). Clicking on the Debtor Portal will take you to your financial balance, statements, and payment options for Danebank. You can logout at any time by clicking Logout in the top-right corner. You should also see other announcements here including links to Junior and Senior School documents.


The Menu Bar

By Clicking the Home Button from the menu on the left at any time whilst logged in, you can access the above My Dashboard, the Carer Portal, the Debtor PortalMy Details (your personal and children’s details for the schools records which can be updated here) and Update Password (to change your portal password at any time).


‘My Subjects’ is not currently being used through the danebank portal.

Carer Portal

Under the Carer Portal you will see the profile page for your daughter(s).

If you have more than one daughter at the school you will be able to switch between them by clicking on the name that appears to the right. See the animation below.


Carer Portal – Academic Tasks and Reports

Academic Reports:

You can access current and past academic reports through the ‘Academic Reports‘ tab here (red arrow below). Reports can be downloaded for viewing or printing by clicking on the report name under the report column (green arrow below), and to access older archived reports simply click on the + at the end of the ‘older reports’ row to see all available reports (blue arrow below).

If you believe any reports should be available here that aren’t, please don’t hesitate to contact or call the school directly for us to follow that up for you.


Academic Tasks: (task results currently are only released through the portal in the Senior school)

To access marks, outcomes and comments for tasks, click on the ‘Show Task Result‘ next to the appropriate result (blue arrow below).

Note: These results won’t be released for roughly 2 weeks after the tasks due date, and the due date may also be subject to change. Only the teacher’s comments for tasks will be visible until the student has submitted a task reflection through their Home Portal login.

Under ‘Recent Task Results‘ above, you can see the entire history of task results by clicking on: Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 2.48.15 pmUnder ‘Upcoming Tasks‘ above, you can see the entire list of upcoming tasks for the year by clicking on:Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 2.48.02 pm

Carer Portal – Student Absences

If you scroll further down you will see a recent absences section where you can provide verifications online for up to a week after the absence, by clicking the ‘Click to enter‘ link next to the appropriate absence (red arrow below).

Note: This verification process takes the place of a written note or email regarding your daughter’s absence. This means that once you have verified your daughters absence and clicked save you do not need to send a written note to the school.

N.b. You have 7 days with which to verify an absence, otherwise it cannot be verified. You will also receive email notifications to verify any unverified absence on the day of the absence, as well as on the 5th and 7th day thereafter.

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 10.56.59 amSelect the reason and if there’s multiple dates, tick the ones that apply to this reason. Click “Save and Exit


Carer Portal – Student Medical Alerts

Scrolling to the bottom of the Carer Portal, you will see the ‘Medical‘ section which displays any sickbay incidents or medications that may have been administered for your daughter(s).

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 10.46.58 AM

If you wish to change medical details for your daughter(s), this is done through the ‘Change my details’ menu option in the next section.

Change my details

Clicking on the home button in the left menu will give you menu option to update your password and change your details on record at Danebank.

My Details

You will be take to a page where you can view and update your Personal details. Clicking on Work will let you view and change your Work details on file. Clicking on Relationships will let you view your relationships with other members of the Danebank community, where you can submit any comments to be revised for correction of the indicated relations. Clicking on My Child Details lets you view and update any of your daughter(s) details including their medical details.


After you updated any details in any of the above My Details sections on the portal, be sure to clickSubmit Request‘ at the bottom or top right of the details page to save/request any changes made!

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 11.07.08 AM

Debtor Portal

You now have the ability to pay for any school fees and charges at anytime though the Debtor Portal. You can access the debtor portal through the menu or the Debtor Portal tab (red arrow below).

Here you can see your current Balance and Account History, as well as Pay Fees and Charges and Configure Auto Payments.

N.b. If the Debtor Portal tab is missing please contact the school by email on


If you scroll to the bottom of this Debtor Portal page, you will see ‘Prior Bills’ and will be able to download your invoices for past bill payments.

Prior Bills Parent Portal

Debtor Portal – Paying Fees:

1. Auto Payments – You can set up Auto Payments to pay your fees automatically on a periodic basis or when your bills become due. To do this click ‘Configure Auto Payments’ as demonstrated above, and you will see the following screen to apply for automatic payments, with your current auto payment plan details (red arrow below), a tick box where you can enable your auto payments if they aren’t already (orange arrow below), all the relevant financial details, as well as tick-boxes to add voluntary automatic payments to your Auto payments (blue arrow below, N.b. these will be deducted at this rate every time the frequency of your payment occurs). Once your details have been entered as desired, be sure to click the Save button (green arrow below).

At any stage you can come back to this page to check on what Auto Payments you currently have configured with Danebank and update or cancel them accordingly.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 8.39.30 AM

2. To make one off payments, click on Pay Fees and Charges Now


3Tick the items you’d like to pay, change amount if you choose to and click on “Pay Now


4. Tick voluntary donations if you choose to and click on “No thanks” or ” Contribute to voluntary …


5. Enter your Card number, Expiry month, year and CCV# which is found on the back of your Credit Card. Click “Pay now”

Update Password

You can easily update the password you use to login to the parent portal by going to the home menu and clicking on ‘Update Password‘.


From there you simply follow the prompts to change the password you use to log in.

N.b. If you ever lose or forget your password, you can follow the link at the login page to be emailed password details to the email address you have registered with Danebank.


If you experience any further login issues please feel welcome to email us at

That’s It! Feel free to explore around the portal and try out all it’s features, and don’t hesitate to forward us any enquiries you have about any aspect of the Danebank Home Portal at all!

Please remember If you have any technical issues regarding access and usage of the Danebank Home Portal please feel welcome to email us at to open a support ticket, or for any other enquiries at all you may call the Danebank Reception on (02) 9580 1415. Reception will be able to pass your question on to the best support person.