KB0046 – Reconnect internet & network drives without logging out

What’s this for?
Under some circumstances your network drive or H: S: and Q: drives won’t be available and say it’s disconnected. This happens if you move around with your laptop from room to room or close the lid. The long fix is to restart your computer. This will explain a much quicker way. This may also resolve issues with the internet not working.

1. Click on the arrow in taskbar at the bottom right hand corner of your desktop to show hidden taskbar icons.

2. Right Click on the red ‘N’ icon.

3. Click on the ‘Novell Login…’ option that appears in the pop-up menu.

4. Enter your username and password as you would in a normal login when you turn on a computer, then click ok. This will reconnect you to the internet and to your network drives (H drive, S drive etc).