KB0073 – Connecting Windows 7 to DanebankGuest

What’s this for?
If you would like to connect your personal Windows 7 computer ( not your school one ) to the internet, this will help you achieve this.
1. Open Control Panel and search for manage wireless, then click on Manage wireless networks

2. Click Add

3. Click Manually create a network profile

4. Enter DanebankGuest as the network name and change the security type to WPA2-Enterprise, then click Next

5. Click Change connection settings

6. Switch to the Security tab, then click on Settings

7. Untick Validate server certificate and then click on Configure

8. Untick this box and then click OK

9. Click OK to close this window

10. Click OK to close this window

11. Wait for this information balloon to appear and then click on it

12. Enter your school username and password and then click OK

13. Open Control Panel and search for Internet Options, then click on it.

14. Change to the Connections tab, and then click on LAN settings

15. Ensure Automatically detect settings is ticked and then click OK on all open windows.

16. Open Internet Explorer and enter your school username and password to browse the web