KB0093 – Backing up your iPad (iTunes 11)

What is this for ?
Backs up your iPad.

1. Open iTunes on your computer. If not installed, download from www.itunes.com. This tutorial is optimised for iTunes 11.

2. Plug in your iPad with the USB cable. The first time you plug in your iPad it will take a while to install.
This may pop up:

3. Just click the red cross in the upper right corner to close the Window. If you would like this message removed permanently, please follow the “Remove AutoPlay” How-to.

You will know iTunes is ready when the iPad is displayed on the top right hand corner. See below.

Image shows a fresh installation of iTunes 11 with an empty music library. Click on the name of your device in the top right hand corner.
Click on the name of your device in the top right hand corner.


4. Now in the iPad details screen, click on “Back Up” to back up your device.

Image shows the iPad details menu with the backup button circled in red.
The iPad details screen displays details about the iPad, as well as the option to back up and restore it.

The backup will begin and show a progress bar at the top to let you know when it’s finished. The process may take a while depending on the amount of data stored on the device.

Image shows a progress bar indicating the progress of the backup.
A progress bar will appear to indicate the process has begun.