KB0095 – Sync iPad to iTunes

What’s this for?
This procedure synchronizes all apps, music, books and photos between your iPad and iTunes on your computer. Basically means it copies all your apps, music, iBooks and photos between your iPad and your iTunes.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This procedure will only work on the computer your iPad is synced with. Do not do this on any computer other than the one you are synchronised with. If you aren’t sure you will can continue but do not go any further if iTunes prompts you with an “Erase and Sync” message.

If this occurs – please follow these instructions to safely transfer your apps from your old iPad first before proceeding. Click Here : KB0001


1. Open iTunes.

2. Plug in your iPad

3. Wait for your iPad to appear on the menu in the top right.

Click on the device name in the top right hand corner of iTunes.
Click on the device name in the top right hand corner of iTunes


4. Click on the “Apps” tab just below the top of the iTunes program.

5. Ensure the “Sync Apps” box is ticked.

6. A message may appear as below. Click “Sync Apps”


7. Click on the “Music” tab in the top menu.

8. Ensure the “Sync Music” box is ticked.

9. Click on the “Apply” button on the bottom

 The progress bar on the top of the screen will show the following when complete:



10. Click on “Books” in the menu at the top of iTunes.

11. The following message may appear, click “Sync Books”

12. Click on the “Apply” button at the bottom right.

The top progress bar will appear, although usually briefly and you may not notice it. Books are very small in size and don’t take long to synchronise. If you have many books you may see a longer progress bar. Just wait till the following message appears  to be certain the process is complete.


13. Click on the top menu bar where it says “Photos”

14. Ensure the “Sync Photos” box is ticked.

15. Click on “Apply” on the bottom right of application.

The progress bar will appear on the top of the iTunes screen and will display the following when it’s complete.

Please note: If you delete a photo from your computer and then synchronise with iTunes, it will delete on your iPad also. Anything you add, change or remove in your computer in your Pictures folder  will reflect the same on your iPad when you plug it in and synchronise.