KB0121 – Uploading a video to YouTube from Photos app

What is this for?
These instructions show you how to upload one of your videos to your school YouTube account using the Photos app on iPad

NOTE: You will need to have created a YouTube Channel first for this to work. See KB0120 – Creating a YouTube Channel on Your School Account

1. On the video you wish to upload, tap the Share button and select YouTube

2. If asked, sign in to your school YouTube account using your school email address and password

3. Fill in the details for your video

4. Choose the privacy level for your video. In this example, I want to share this video with my teacher but I don’t want public access, so I choose Unlisted. Then tap Publish.

5. Your video will now be converted and then uploaded to YouTube. This can take some time depending how long the video goes for.

6. Once your video has finished uploading, you can choose to watch it or Tell a Friend. If you choose Tell a Friend, you can then email the video’s link to your teacher.