KB0016 – Copy & Paste on an iPad

What is this for ?
Just like a normal computer, you can select, copy, and paste text on an iPad.  This tutorial will show you how.

1. Touch and hold on the text you wish to copy until the magnifying glass appears

2. Let go after the magnifying glass has appeared and you will see the word has been selected.

3. Drag the end points of the selection to modify how much of the text you want to copy. You can then tap the Copy button.

4. Switch to the application you wish to paste the text into. In this example, it is a new email. Tap and hold where you would like the text to be pasted and wait for the magnifying glass to appear.

5. Let go once the magnifying glass has appeared, and you will then be able to select the Paste option

6. You will then see your text get pasted into the area you selected.

The following video will demonstrate this feature