KB0211 – Change Turnitin Settings in Canvas

What’s this for?

This guide shows you the settings available for Turnitin in Canvas after an assignment has been created. Use this guide for creating – How to use Turnitin in Canvas

Open Assignments

Open Assignments

In Course Navigation, click the Assignments link.

Open Assignment

Open Assignment

Click the name of the assignment.

Click Settings

Open Settings

Click the Settings tab.

View Turnitin Settings

View Turnitin Settings

If you included a description in the assignment, the description displays at the top of the page [1]. If you want to include additional instructions, you can enter them in the Instructions field [2]. Instructions appear for students in the Assignment Summary tab.

To view Turnitin optional settings, click the Optional settings link [5].

View Optional Settings

View Optional Settings

Turnitin allows you to specify additional settings in Turnitin.

To allow late submissions, select the Allow late submissions Yes or No radio button [1]. This option sets whether or not you allow submissions after the due date. If you select the Yes button, students can submit an assignment after the due date if they have not already made a submission. If you select the No button, students cannot submit the assignment after the due date.

For paper comparisons [2], select the checkboxes for the sources you want to use when comparing assignment submissions.

In the Originality Report generation and resubmissions menu [3], you can choose when students can view originality reports and if they can resubmit their assignment to Turnitin. Select the option you want to allow for students to submit assignments:

  • Generate reports immediately (resubmissions are not allowed)
  • Generate reports immediately (resubmissions are allowed until due date)
  • Generate reports on due date (resubmissions are allowed until due date)
show repository and originality reports options

If you want to exclude any resources, you can select the Yes or No radio button next to the appropriate option [1].

If you want to allow students to view Originality Reports [2], select the Yes or No radio button. If you select the Yes button, Turnitin displays the Originality Report according to the option you previously set in the Originality Report drop-down menu.

In the Submissions to this assignment will be stored in menu [3], select whether the submission should be stored in the standard paper repository or not stored at all.

Note: If you are creating a draft assignment, you may not want to have Turnitin store the submission.

peer mark and rubric options

If you want to add Peer Mark assignments to this assignment [1], select the Yes or No radio button. If you select Yes, once you save the assignment you cannot remove the Peer Mark assignments.

If you want to attach a Turnitin rubric to the assignment, select a rubric from the rubric menu [2].

If you want to save your Turnitin Settings options as your defaults for future assignments [3], select the Yes or No radio button.

Submit Settings

Submit Settings

Click the Submit button.