KB0229 – How to use Google Takeout to Copy All Data from Google Drive

This article has been written to show you how to remove all data from your Danebank Google Account. This is particularly useful if you are leaving the school either permanently or for an extended period of time and will no longer have access to your Danebank Google Account.

In order to carry this out you will need a laptop or desktop computer (iPads and other tablets are not suitable for this process), and a USB hard drive with enough free space to hold the entire contents of your Google Drive files. This will vary depending on what you have stored in Google Drive, so it is recommended that you use a drive of at least 32GB capacity or larger. It is also recommended that this be carried out while you are on the Danebank network, as the downloads can be quite large and require a fast internet connection.

1. Go to https://www.google.com/settings/takeout. The site will look like this:

2. Ensure everything is ticked before scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking on Next

3. On this page, ensure that File Type is set to “.zip”, Archive size (max) is set to “50GB” and Delivery method is set to “Send download link via email”. Click on Create Archive to begin the archiving process. Then, you will need to wait for an email from Google when it’s ready to be downloaded to your computer. In this step, Google is organising your data into a packages which will be made available for you to download from a link sent to you in an email when the files are packaged.

4. You can view the progress of the export on the next page, which looks like the picture below. The export may take a number of hours to complete depending on how much data was stored in your Google Account. This window may be closed while the packaging process is being carried out.

5. This is the email you will receive from Google when your data is packaged and ready for download. The list of files to be downloaded is very large in this example as the archive contains a large amount of data. It’s more likely you will only have a handful of packages to download at the most.

Click on each link to download a part of your archived data.

6. The files downloaded will appear on the bottom of your browser window, and will also appear in your Downloads folder. Copy the files from your downloads folder to your USB hard drive either by using copy and paste keyboard shortcuts, or by clicking and dragging using the method below.

A window displaying the Downloads folder is on the left, and a window displaying the contents of the external USB drive is on the right. The animation shows a file being dragged from the Downloads folder to the USB drive.

Repeat steps 5 and 6 until you have moved all the files to your USB disk, at which point the process will be complete. You will have a copy of all your files from your Google Account stored on your USB drive, and your Google Account can now be safely disabled by IT Support.