KB0230 – Turning flash on in chrome

What’s this for? 

Flash is on it’s way out and Google Chrome along with others like Firefox and Safari are starting to phase it out. We still use many websites that require flash, including Edumate, so we need to add those to an exception list and they will continue to work.

1. Update to the latest Chrome. Go to top right corner -> Help -> About Google Chrome. It will start to check for updates. Make sure you follow the instructions and relaunch Chrome if it asks you to.

2. After you’ve updated or made sure you’re up to date, click back into the 3 dots on the top left corner and then click on settings.

3. The top bar is a search. Type “flash” in the box

4. Scroll down and find a yellow “flash” indicating it’s in the content settings. Click on “Content settings

5. Once inside Content settings there’s a flash section, click on “Flash”

6. Under the “Allow” section click on “ADD

7. Type in the address of the site you’d like to allow. In this example I’ve used the Edumate website as it’s going to be the most common needing to be added. Click “ADD” once finished. If you like copy and paste this into it for Edumate:


8. Make sure you see the address in the list. If you do, that’s it. Close Chrome, re-open and try again. If it doesn’t work, make sure you’ve typed the address correctly.