KB0257 – Student NCCD Data

This tutorial explains how to enter NCCD data in Edumate. If data needs to be removed or altered, please contact IT support.

All currently entered data can be viewed in a register via Edumate->Learning Reports->NCCD Register.

1. In Edumate, go to the student’s profile and click ‘Record Menu’ in the top right corner.

2. Click on ‘Student Tracking‘.

3. Click on ‘Learning Alerts‘.

4. Scroll down the page, and under the heading ‘NCCD Students with Disability’, click ‘Add a new record as at today’.

5. Set the Level of Adjustment and Category of Disability, then click ‘Save new record’.

6. Review the data entered is correct (if not please contact IT as there is no way of altering or removing it via the student profile).

7. Remember to click Save!