KB0007 – Converting to PDF

There are many reasons for people wanting to convert their file to PDF. The main reasons for our purpose at Danebank are:

  • to prevent the file from being manipulated by the recipient
  • to ensure the file is readable by the recipient regardless of what device or operating system they are using to access it
  • to lock any formatting inside the document that may otherwise change if viewed by a different version of Microsoft Office, Open Office, ActivInspire, etc.
  • to enable the document or presentation to be downloaded to the iBooks app

It is important to know that any file on a computer that you can print is able to be converted to PDF. This includes documents, spreadsheets, presentations, flipcharts, website articles, emails, etc.

1. Create or open your document that you wish to convert to PDF.

2. Save your document first, and give it a meaningful filename because this will later appear as the PDF’s title.

3. From the menu, select “File” and then “Print

4. Select the “Adobe PDF” printer from the list and then click “Print

5. Choose where you would like to save the PDF and give it a filename. Then click “Save“.