Edumate 5.2 Tutorial – An Introduction to Edumate 5.2

Edumate Portal / App Tutorials:

KB0143 – Parent Guide for the Danebank Home Portal
KB0175 – Student Guide for the Danebank Home Portal
KB0255 – Danebank App for Parents FAQ
KB0241 – Providing immunisation documents via the Parent Portal

Teacher Edumate Tutorials:

KB0176 – Teacher Guide to Just-In-Time Reporting on Edumate
KB0260 – Junior School Recording Marks in the Edumate Markbook
KB0080 – Adding Students to Co-Curricular Groups
KB0230 – Removing Students from Co-curricular Groups
KB0056 – Check Student’s Timetable / Whereabouts
KB0057 – Check Room Timetables and Availabilites
KB0055 – Create or Print a Class / Contact List
KB0053 – Creating a Custom Spread for Reference in the markbook
KB0137 – Creating Appointments in Edumate
KB0082 – Email students/parents through Edumate
KB0108 – Estimating a mark in Edumate
KB0141 – Mark Roll for an Event
KB0164 – Mark Roll not appearing correctly
KB0081 – Mark Roll selecting a timetable
KB0174 – Markbook Students Missing Tasks
KB0064 – Print an Excursion roll in Edumate
KB0184 – Releasing Comments & Marks to the Portal
KB0049 – Removing a Student from Reporting Period/Rankings
KB0122 – Room Swaps for classes in Edumate
KB0186 – Updating a Task’s Due Date
KB0054 – View Student Rankings and spreads for classes/tasks
KB0098 – Viewing a Student’s previous Reports
KB0050 – Viewing Past Course Report Comments
KB0185 – Writing Task-Based Comments
KB0092 – Assigning Criteria to Semesters
KB0193 – How to Email Students on an Excursion
KB0173 – Creating Co-curricular
KB0259 – Class membership changes with Ezedit
KB0201 – Adding outcomes to tasks in Markbook
KB0214 – Adding/Deleting Comments in the Comment Bank
KB0219 – Accessing Danebank Data through the Edumate Wiki
KB0221 – Parent teacher night student summaries
KB0210 – Junior School Report Writing
KB0242 – Pre-Kinder Report Writing
KB0248 – Life Skills Report Writing
KB0250 – Danebank Calendar for Staff

Welfare Edumate Tutorials:

KB0180 – Recording Awards & Pockets
KB0138 – Recording Disciplines and Giving Detentions through Edumate
KB0179 – Recording Missed Assessment Tasks
KB0178 – Recording Multiple Disciplines for a Group of Students
KB0181 – Using the Awards & Disciplines Registers – searching/updating/deleting
KB0189 – Recording Parent Conversations in Edumate
KB0215 – Learning Support Summaries

Heads of Departments Edumate Tutorials:

KB0177 – Head of Department Guide to Edumate, Task and Portal Management
KB0206 – Assigning different due dates to different classes for the same task
KB0186 – Changing a Task Due Date
KB0066 – Copy Tasks from Previous Years
KB0117 – Creating tasks with Subsections
KB0172 – Deleting Tasks in Learning Tasks
KB0184 – Releasing Comments & Marks to the Portal
KB0065 – Setup Tasks in Learning Tasks
KB0258 – Creating New Outcomes in Edumate

Administrative Edumate Procedures:

KB0166 – New Student Application
KB0170 – New Student Place Accepted
KB0167 – New Parent/Carer Creation
KB0192 – Parent/Carer Portal Login Creation
KB0165 – New Staff Procedure
KB0168 – Permanently Leaving Staff Procedure
KB0251 – Uploading Immunisation documents to Edumate

KB0202 – Event Creation Procedure for Calendar / Admin Staff
KB0207 – Attendance Flow for Calendar events
KB0232 – Add or Remove students from an Event

KB0171 – Adding Secondary Teachers to Classes
KB0183 – Creating Lists for Edval Student Data Imports
KB0187 – Recording Absentee Reasons for absences over 7 days old
KB0169 – Staff Temporary Leave / Replacement
KB0182 – Updating Edumate Course BOS Numbers
KB0195 – Copying students from other co-curricular groups
KB0196 – How to Print Mailout Labels for a Contact Group
KB0197 – How to Print Mailout Labels for a Contact Group
KB0201 – Parent portal absences procedure 
KB0233 – Creating Student Absences in Advance
KB0239 – Attaching and Deleting items to students edumate profile history
KB0261 – Attaching Academic reports to students edumate profile history
KB0256 – Sending Notifications to parents via the App / Portal
KB0257 – Student NCCD Data