KB0258 – Creating New Outcomes in Edumate

This article explains how heads of department can create new outcomes and outcome categories for their subjects in Edumate.

  1. In Edumate, under the classic menu click ‘Setup’, ‘Academic Hierarchy’ then ‘School Courses‘.

2. Find the course you are wanting to add outcomes for, then take note of the ‘subject’ it is attached to in the third column (as outcomes are created in stage based ‘subjects’ rather than the courses themselves)

3. Back in the classic menu, click ‘setup’, ‘academic hierarchy’ then ‘Subjects’.

4. Click on the name of the subject you noted from step 2 that the course is a part of.

5. Click on the ‘Criteria’ tab.

6. You will see categories (strands) containing outcomes. You can create new categories/strands by clicking the ‘New Strand’ button. If you want to create new outcomes, click the ‘Outcome button’ on the same line as the category/strand you want to create that outcome within.

7. Put the outcome wording in the first box, then copy and paste into the ‘screen name’ (note the screen name has a character limit so you may need to cut this down if you get an error about the length of the screen name – screen names only appear in the markbook for reference, it is the outcome wording that will appear to parents in the portal).

Create a unique outcome code, a good method is to put an abbreviation of the course it is intended for, ‘_’ then an abbreviation of the category/strand, followed by the next available number in sequence within that category to keep it unique.

Leave the tickboxes as below, then click ‘OK’.

8. Make sure you click ‘Save’ (it’s a good idea to click save after every outcome to make sure you don’t lose any work)