KB0001 – Transferring Your iPad to Another Computer
KB0013 – Multi-tasking on an iPad (iOS 7)
KB0014 – Lock screen rotation on an iPad (iOS 7)
KB0015 – Setting a passcode on an iPad
KB0016 – Copy & Paste on an iPad
KB0017 – Sending an email on an iPad (iOS 7)
KB0018 – Saving a PDF to iBooks (iOS 7)
KB0020 – Authenticating an iPad or iPhone
KB0021 – Creating a bookmark in the Safari app (iOS 7)
KB0022 – Creating a Home Screen shortcut from Safari (iOS 7)
KB0023 – How to delete an iPad app
KB0024 – How to arrange apps into folders
KB0025 – How to arrange apps on the Home Screen
KB0026 – How to restart your iPad
KB0027 – How to force quit apps on an iPad (iOS 7)
KB0028 – Download an app (iOS 7)
KB0029 – Updating iPad apps
KB0037 – Connecting an iPad to DanebankGuest Wi-Fi
KB0039 – Updating iOS on an iPad
KB0040 – Organising PDFs in iBooks app
KB0068 – Creating a new Document in QuickOffice
KB0090 – Saving a Document in QuickOffice
KB0070 – Deleting a file in QuickOffice
KB0071 – Emailing a file in QuickOffice
KB0072 – Danebank email on your iPad (iOS 7)
KB0075 – Creating saved searches in Twitter
KB0084 – Annotate a PDF using a highlighter in pdf-notes
KB0085 – Annotate a PDF using a sticky note in pdf-notes
KB0086 – Emailing an annotated PDF from pdf-notes app
KB0093 – Backing up your iPad (iTunes 11)
KB0094 – Restoring iPad from a Backup
KB0095 – Sync iPad to iTunes
KB0104 – Logging into/out of Youtube for iPad (iOS 5 and up)
KB0106 – Enable Popups on iPad
KB0107 – Searching on iPad (iOS 7)
KB0110 – Subscribing to school calendars on iPad
KB0121 – Uploading a video to YouTube from Photos app
KB0125 – Uploading a video to YouTube from YouTube Capture app
KB0126 – Enabling/Disabling Automatic App Updates (iOS 7 only)
KB0128 – Subscribing to your school timetable on iPad
KB0130 – Sharing an iPad app from the App Store
KB0132 – Enrolling an iPad into Casper
KB0208 – Log in to Canvas iPad app