KB0260 – Junior School Recording Marks in the Edumate Markbook

This article explains how to use the Edumate markbook to record tasks and results.

This is the preferred method of recording marks as it lets us maintain a narrative of data for students as they progress through the school, as well as teachers within cohorts and with incoming students at the beginning of each year to see student results. It can also automagically calculate averages, ranks and more.

The process in Edumate:


Task Setup

For each item you wish to record marks for, you will need to set up a ‘Task’ in Edumate (which become like columns in a spreadsheet). The following articles explain how to do that.

n.b. that the ‘due date’ in task setup is only important for the order in which tasks appear in your markbook, as the marks aren’t shared with students / parents via edumate.

KB0065 – Setup Tasks in Learning Tasks (ignore step 6)
KB0066 – Copy Tasks from Previous Years
KB0172 – Deleting Tasks in Learning Tasks


Entering marks into Tasks

Entering marks into edumate is a simple process once your tasks are setup.

Steps – Go to learning->markbook, choose your class, click ‘show marks’, then click the magnifying glass for a task to enter marks as demonstrated below:


Creating columns to calculate groups of tasks

You can target certain types/groups of tasks to create calculated columns that work out the overall percentage per student for the selected tasks.

Steps – In the markbook, tick all the tasks you want to include, then clicking custom spread, naming the column, giving it a mark out of (100 will result in a percentage), and attributing a weighing to each included task as demonstrated below:


Viewing overall subject Mark averages & ranks for semesters

You can view the spread of marks, ranks and other data for your subjects for semester 1 or 2 (note that semester 2 ‘report periods’ cover the whole academic year).

Also if you have created calculated columns as per the example above, you can view the spreads and ranks for those using this method also.

KB0054 – View Student Rankings and spreads for classes/tasks