KB0243 – The new Edumate 5.2

Edumate is due to have a makeover in it’s latest upgrade in early January 2019! The new version is largely the same as the older version, just with some new navigation options and a different look, but the majority of the tasks you used edumate for still function the same as they used to.


The old -> new Edumate

As you can see the appearance has changed considerably, and whilst most things are in the same place they were before, the new menu on the left is probably the biggest change you will notice.


The new menu:

The new menu defaults to a ‘My edumate’ column, which in the early phases we won’t use much, however it is simply a matter of clicking on ‘Classic’ and you should find all of the old options you are used to using, most of which in the same places, but feel free to get in touch if you are having trouble locating any areas you use at all.

Two things of note are, firstly, the ability to collapse/hide the menu on the left to increase your work space whilst you don’t need to change areas as demonstrated in the above video, and secondly the ability to customize this menu.


Customize the new menu:

The ability to rearrange and remove items on the menu that you don’t use to simplify the edumate interface for yourself as shown below:


We’re here to help!

All the our edumate tutorials on the iDanenet online help will slowly be adjusted to reflect the new aesthetic but the steps themselves and your processes will in almost all cases remain the same.

If you are having any trouble whatsoever or would like some help or support with the new changes, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the helpdesk at helpdesk@danebank.nsw.edu.au, or call / drop into the IT staff room for assistance!