KB0165 – New Staff Procedure

This process covers the minimum data we need for any new staff that will be working in any capacity at danebank. If you are creating a new staff member be it a permanent, part time, casual, work experience, coach, tutor etc they will need to have all the following data entered, and any data that is missing will need to be obtained and entered.

When Staff Leave, they must be disabled in edumate following the Leaving Staff Procedure.

Remember that this is the ‘minimum data’, but the more data you can enter at any point beyond what is mentioned here, the better.

New Staff Procedure:

1. In Edumate, type the surname of the person you are going to enter into the search field (pictured below). Go through the list of exising users to ensure the user doesn’t already exist in edumate. If you find the user already exists (eg: they may have been previously entered as an enquiry, be a previous student etc), still follow through the steps from step 3 below to make sure we have all the minimum data required for them to be a staff member at Danebank. If you find duplicates of any user in the list, please notify the IT department.

2. Click on the ‘+’ menu (circled in red below), hover over ‘Contacts’ then click on ‘Staff’ or ‘Teacher’ depending on the staff type from the drop down menu (circled in yellow below).

3. Under the General tab, fill in the First Name, Surname, Gender, Salutation, Staff Room, Mobile number, Work Title and Email (highlighted red below) which are all required. n.b. Mobile number is only visible to senior and executive staff.

* For Full-time or Part-time Teachers you must also fill in the short name (usually an initial followed by a surname in capitals – needs to be confirmed with the school Timetable Administrator so that it matches Edval).

** For any full-time, part-time or casual staff you must also enter and an email address which will read as ‘firstname.surname@danebank.nsw.edu.au’. All lower case is fine. This is not where you enter their personal email address.

Scroll further down the page and enter the Job Title (as indicated on the employment contract, where there are more than one faculty use the dominant faculty for teachers) under ‘Title’ below Work Contact Details (highlighted in red below).

4. Whilst a home address is not required, it is preferable to have, however staff have the right not to supply this. Scroll down on the General tab and Click on the ‘Edit Home Address’ (red arrow below) and fill in the appropriate details if providing this.

5. All Working With Children details must be provided which you can see by scrolling down to the bottom of the general tab.

6. Click on the Staff tab. Fill in the Start Date, as well as choose an Staff Type (employment type) from it’s drop down menu (highlighted in red below). Try and get a Staff Personal Email address.

* If you know the End date for the staff, enter it also. This isn’t required, however it must be entered when a staff member leaves! 

7. Click ‘Save’ after you have filled out all the above necessary details.

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 11.57.37 am


For any Teaching (including Student and Casual) or Admin staff who will require a school login:

8. Click on the Groups tab. Staff will already be ticked. Teacher may already be ticked, if not tick it if the staff is a teacher in any capacity (circled in yellow below). For all staff, tick the ‘User’ tickbox (circled in red below).

*If the staff member is also a carer or parent of a student, tick the appropriate box (green arrow) and complete the tutorial for parents/carer creation also.

9. Assign the ‘Current Staff’ group to the user by clicking on current staff in the left column under ‘Contact Groups’ (yellow arrow below), then clicking ‘Add’ (red arrow below). Depending on the staff type, you will also need to assign them their appropriate group on the left. Ignore the ‘Xtra’ groups as the IT department will assign these where appropriate.

10. Click ‘Save’ after completing the groups tab. You will need to click back onto the ‘profile tab’ after saving, then you will see another tab appear called access (red arrow below). Click on the Access tab. Tick the box next to ‘Active Account’ (yellow arrow below). Click ‘Save’ (green arrow below).

The user now has the minimum data we need for staff, and can see the IT department to set up their login account if one is required.