KB0168 – Permanently Leaving Staff Procedure

This process covers the disabling of users from our system. It is very simple and will automatically disable staff from all of our Danebank systems, and any data/emails of theirs will be automatically archived.

When any Staff Leave for good, this must be done or staff will remain active in our system including email lists.


Permanently Leaving Staff Procedure:

1. In Edumate, type the surname of the staff member into the search field (pictured below). Go through the list of users to find the staff member you are looking for (If you find any duplicates in the list please contact IT). Click the name of staff member in the list.

2. Click on the ‘Staff’ tab (Yellow arrow below), then enter an end date for the staff member (Red arrow below).


3. Remember to click ‘Save’. Once the finish date lapses, the user will be disabled from edumate and all other systems at Danebank, and their data a

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 11.57.37 am