KB0174 – Markbook Students Missing Tasks

What’s this for?
When you need to give reasons for a student who didn’t complete a task.

In the Markbook you have a few options from the ‘qualifier’ drop down menu for when students don’t complete tasks, which appear as follows next to where you would input a mark:

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 2.12.24 pm

Below is outlined the effect of each of these options:

Leaving Blank
If you leave this blank and also leave the mark blank, then Edumate will exclude this task from her final mark completely. It will not drag her final mark down. Although, it may not maintain her rank. She will still be ranked against her peers in the final mark but this task will be excluded. To maintain her rank please use a Calculated or Manual Estimate as explained below.

If a parent or student would like a specific mark for a missed task, Edumate can calculate the exact numerical value that the students would have gained in that task to maintain their rank

You are given the option of either a ‘Manual’ Estimate where you simply estimate a raw mark, or a ‘Calculated Estimate’ where you can choose to include a subset of other tasks to be used to calculate an estimate, as well as giving those included tasks weightings for the purpose of the estimate if you wish the weightings to be different to the actual task weightings.

Please Note:If this is your first task, you’ll have to go back when all the task have been completed and calculate the estimate then. Also all estimates need to be done at a course level, not a class level!

Everything else (N/A, Ungrade, Absent etc)
Will automatically generate a 0 mark for that student for the task and thus will drag down their course final mark and ranking.

Should I record a comment for a student who has missed a task?
No comment is necessary for a student who has missed a task. If the ‘Leaving Blank’ option is selected then the task will not appear in the portal at all. If the ‘Estimate’ option is used when all tasks are completed, the task will not appear in the portal until the end of the year and the comment will not be relevant. If the student has missed the task and does not have a medical certificate/note to explain their absence and is going to score zero, the parent should have been contacted by other means and a portal comment would not be the appropriate means of communication in this circumstance.

What does the student see?
If you select “absent” in the qualifier

If you select “N/A”  in the qualifier
Please note: If you don’t put anything in the qualifier, the task doesn’t show in the portal at all.
If you don’t want anything in the qualifier and want it to appear in the portal, make sure you put a “0.00” in the mark.
When you do they will see this: