KB0261 – Attaching Academic reports to Student Profile History tab

You can attach academic reports to the ‘History tab’ in a student’s profile so they and their parents can access a pdf version on demand via the parent portal.

1. In Edumate, click on the ‘Classic’ menu, then Learning, then ‘Print Reports’

2. Choose the appropriate ‘report period’, set the ‘group’ to ‘Form’ (except for junior school where there are forms with classes having more than one class tutor – see step 2a), choose the year level in ‘Students’, the appropriate ‘report template’, then make sure to untick ‘schedule this report’ if it’s ticked. Finally click ‘Create.

2a. Junior School only – forms that have more than one class tutor – you will need to attach for every class in that form instead of as a whole form, choosing ‘group’ as class, then the appropriate class (use the CHS class), and the normal template for single tutor classes or the custom template for multi-tutor classes (contact IT if the report you need isn’t available).

3. A pop-up window will appear with progress for generating the reports, and once they are ready you will see some options similar to below, follow through the items in the below image.

4. You should now be able to go into any of the affected student’s profiles in edumate, click on the history tab, and see those reports available to download (students and parents will see them in the portal also).