KB0057 – Checking Room Timetables and Availabilites

This tutorial explains how to check the availability of rooms and the weekly calendars of what’s scheduled for a room.

1. In the menu on the left, click on ‘Diary’ and then ‘My Diary’.

2. In your personal calendar that appears, click on ‘Other Calendars’ in the top right then click on ‘Room Calendar’.

3. Click the ‘Filters’ button in the top right corner:

Then choose the date for which you wish to view the room’s availability and choose the target period next to ‘highlight availability’.

4. The available rooms will be highlighted in blue in the next section, and unavailable rooms will be white.

5. If you want to see a particular room’s timetable of booked events/classes, locate and click on the appropriate room and click ‘Show’.

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 2.00.13 pm

6. After clicking ‘show’ you will be shown that room’s timetable for the current week when you scroll to the bottom of the page (you can move to any point in time you like also to see future availabilities).