KB0188 – Setting up a new voicemail account

What is this for?
When you begin at Danebank you will be assigned a voicemail number.  People will be able to leave messages for you at this number.  First you will need to set it up and this article will take you through the steps.

1. Dial 1598 on any internal school phone

2. It should ring once and then pickup to an automated message.  Ignore this message and press the * (star) key on the phone.

3. Enter your voicemail number which should be available from IT or by checking the internal phone directory.

4. An automated system will then take you through the process of setting up your new voicemail.

  • Enter current passcode, which by default is 1111.  You should change the passcode to the same number as your extension.
  • Follow other steps – including leaving your name and a message.
  • The final step asks you to set up some optional numbers – you can just ignore this and press any key other than 1 to finish the voicemail setup process.

5. You will need to contact IT staff to arrange to have a message key for your number added to your departments phone or sent to your email address.  (If you have an internal phone which isn’t shared with others, the messages will come through to the message key on your phone by default and flash when there are massages available to listen to.)