KB0233 – Creating Student Absences in Advance

If a student has approved future leave from the school and they have supplied the appropriate  notes/paperwork, a leave/absence should be created in edumate so that their attendance is not mis-recorded and teachers see on their class rolls the status of the students during the time of the leave/absence.

1. In Edumate, click the ‘+’ button in the top right hand corner.

2. Click on ‘Attendance‘ then ‘Absentee Reason‘.

3. Type all or part of the student’s name into the student name box and click ‘Go

If there are a number of students matching the name, another window will appear and you will need to click on the specific student you are looking for.

4. Set the Verification to ‘Note from Carer’ (this is the only option that should be used for future absences, a phone call isn’t sufficient to verify/create student absences.

4. Select the appropriate reason as per the note.

5. Add any extra details from the note, and also mention that this is pre-approved leave in the details box.

6. Set the time frame that the leave/absence covers. If the leave/absence is for 1 entire day, you can simply choose the date from the first box, then click ‘All Day’.

7. Double check over all the details, then click ‘Save’.