KB0253 – Interactive Epson Projector Basics

What’s this for?
This article includes basic information about using the interactive Epson projectors at Danebank.

The Epson interactive projectors have two modes of operation:
1. Projector annotation mode
2. Computer mouse control

To change between modes, touch the screen with a pen (or a finger if touch unit is active – it will have a blue light on if active).  A menu will appear on the right and left of the display. Select the icon that looks like a projector and pen for projector controlled annotation.  Select the icon that looks like a laptop and mouse for computer control.

Projector Annotation Mode

When in projector annotation mode, it’s important to remember that any annotations made will be lost as soon as you clear the current annotations or turn off the projector.

While in this mode, your computer’s USB cable doesn’t need to be plugged into the wall point.  If you want to annotate over your computer display, then you will need to have your HDMI cable plugged in.

If you touch the board, an arrow will appear on the left and right of the board.  If you touch this arrow it will display the projector’s annotation tools. The main functions are as follows:

To annotate over your desktop, make sure that the desktop background is selected.  To annotate over a virtual white board, select the whiteboard icon.

When you select an annotation tool with either of the pens or with your finger, that function will only apply to the pen or finger used to select that function.  For example, your finger is annotating a thin black line. You select the thick red line with the yellow pen. If you use your finger, it will still annotate with a thin black line, only the yellow pen will have changed to the thick red line.

When in virtual whiteboard mode, you can touch the ‘picture with an arrow’ button to select different backgrounds to annotate over.

Computer Mouse Control

To use computer mouse control your computer will need to be plugged into the USB input on the wall plate.  If you are on a PC, the first time you plug your computer into the USB cable, it will automatically install the required software.  If you are on a mac, you will need to manually install the software, either from the Epson website, or ask IT to install it for you. This will only occur the first time you use one of these projectors on your computer, after that it will be ready to go straight away.

The simple way to think about this mode is that it basically turns the board into a giant mouse.  Anything you can do with your mouse, you should be able to replicate in this mode. If you want to use any computer based annotation software (eg. Activinspire, word, etc…) then this is the mode you need to be in.  The benefit of using computer based annotation software is that you can save whatever you annotate on your computer. Just be aware that Activinspire does have some input lag between the board and computer.


If the board seems to not be lining up correctly with your inputs, you can try running an auto calibrate.  On the remote control, press the ‘User’ button, and then hit the center enter button to select yes. Make sure you stand away from the board and that it’s free of any objects or writing on the board.  If it still doesn’t work after that, please contact IT.

If the board seems to be bringing up menus without you actually touching the display, the unit may be receiving incorrect touch inputs.  The easiest way to stop that is to simply pull the cord out of the touch unit. The touch unit sits mounted to the wall just above the white board. You won’t be able to use finger touch, but the pens should still be fine to use.  If you do pull the touch unit cord, please leave it unplugged at the end of your lesson and submit a helpdesk ticket.